Wednesday, April 8, 2009

these romantic things..

with warm weather on it's way
(it will make it to ny eventually too, i just know it will..)
my thoughts are wandering to far away beaches

warm wind and going barefoot

feeling languid and free

wearing long flowing dresses and light linen blouses

gathering with friends in the garden
dancing under lanterns
hanging from tree limbs

all sorts of romantic images are floating through my head these days
inspiring new earrings..

some organic and flowing
some colorful and festive
all full of spring sweetness

you can find them in my shop now
with more coming over the next few days and weeks.

*many thanks to the lovely mrs.french who introduced me to the gorgeous work of erica tanov
whose clothing and images perfectly captured the mood i'm in these days.
i hope you enjoy!


  1. you two are a perfect beautiful! I love everything you you ever get tired of me telling you that? xo t

  2. Those pieces are absolutely GORGREOUS!!! Seriously stunning!!

  3. I love Erica's peasant blouses! That was my favorite garment to make and wear back in the 70's :~)

    As for your new earrings~~words fail ❤

  4. I fell in love with Erica Tanov over at Bliss, too! Your work is a perfect compliment... timeless, romantic and so utterly feminine.

  5. oh...the 2nd pair...I'm in love

  6. what stunning baubles you're creating - really beautiful.

  7. lovely!!! found you through knack and am so happy i did!

  8. Another utterly fantastic vision of a post! Your creations are beyond compare! Hugs!!! :D

  9. What a lovely post. I love your jewelry.

  10. Your pieces are absolutely lovely. So intricate.