Wednesday, April 1, 2009

tea with amber alexander

i don't remember how i first discovered her work..
through my many blissful hours of roaming 
through the pages and pages
of talent on etsy..i'm sure.

but i do remember being happy that i had a hot pot of tea next to me
as i found myself journeying along with amber alexander
and her beautiful little creatures

on their travels and adventures. 

..some mischievous 

some innocent..
and all very playful.

they remind me of a more painterly and rich version
(just look at those colors and brushstrokes..gorgeous)
of the work of beatrix potter,
whose imaginative work i loved as a child (and still do).

amber leads me back to that imaginary place
that i never want to forget 
no matter how old i get.

now go put on a pot of tea, grab lots of honey and please join byron and me
for a little journey this afternoon.

*oh and thank you to isabelle who just reminded me of amber's great blog..
check it out too.


  1. great paintings! Cool surrealist style.
    Please let me know what you think of my artwork...

  2. I just went to her shop and her blog,
    her paintings are amazing ...
    thanks for sharing this great discovery !

  3. incredible work! her expressions are so very dear! thanks for the intro!

  4. thank you for sharing Amber's work, I love it! Now I want to watch Miss Potter AGAIN!!

  5. in some ways it reminds me of cooper edens - great work.

  6. She is one of my all time favorites on Etsy!!!!
    Just beautiful!

  7. I love her work! The one with the bear having tea - I'm absolutely nuts about bears!

    And I'm absolutely in love with your blog!

    And I use a lot of exclamation points:)