Friday, May 29, 2009

little gatherings

i stumbled upon this sweet blog a few months ago
and haven't been able to get these beautiful little bouquets off my mind
(not that i would want to anyway..)

each sweet collection has an ease and naturalness to it
as if jill has been gathering
little gems from her own garden

i love the casualness of the cans and bottles
she puts them in

and the birch wrapped vases..

and her choice of rich colors and textures..

oh i'm so inspired
i hope you are too!

wishing you a gorgeous weekend
full of inspiration
and beautiful things.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

it's a sale...

so i'm extra pleased to announce 
that tomorrow 
a really short, but oh so sweet, sale is taking place on etsy!

marichelle of hearthandmade is hosting a 30 minute sale 
in etsy's virtual labs
featuring lots of great sellers
including me
(my very first sale!!!)

as an extra treat
all day thursday (from 8am-midgnight) 
 i will be offering free shipping 
for all of my photos in my photography shop
simply enter 'shoplivepresale'
in the message section of your transaction.

during the 'shop live' sale event,
you'll find an even bigger surprise discount 
in my photo shop..
(oh, i'll go ahead and tell know how i am with secrets..
20% off of all prints
from 7-7:30 pm eastern)

sound like fun?
well, it will be!
lots of other great etsy artists will be participating as well
so you're sure to find something(s) you just can't resist.

handmade + etsy + sale = happiness

see you then!

Monday, May 25, 2009

sweet shady places

i've been thinking a lot lately
of how lucky i was to grow up in the south..

oh yes,
it was unbelievable hot and humid for so much of the year
(especially those crazy long summers..)

but that heat and humidity created the most lush surroundings
keenly created within us southerners
a highly developed appreciation

for shade.

and now
(some years later..)
i'm just so full of luscious images and memories
of special shady spaces
my sister and i would find
during the hot moist summer months..

we'd create other worlds beautiful and hidden
playing and napping
for hours under big pink azalea bushes..

in caves of dripping ivy..

or way up high in heavy magnolia trees
(the branches were like staircases and just begged to be climbed)

..i can still smell the scent of the flowers and feel the waxy beauty of the leaves..
and find myself now filling my environment with plants
and greenery

and now that it's getting warm outside (at last..)
my eyes and my thoughts are drifting towards shady spots
..for tucking away and relaxing

airy spots
open with warm breezes blowing through

and full of natural light..

creative spaces that embody that carefree relaxed feeling
i had as a child.

so many of debi treloar's images take me to that place.

she so beautifully captures
that fresh relaxing hide-away feeling
(that i think is actually very possible to create in our own lives)

i'm so unbelievably inspired to turn those memories into reality.
what are you finding inspiring these days?
i'd love to hear.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

happy tears

hi all!
i thought i would pop in and help sweeten your sunday
with this beautifully touching video
i just stumbled across.
i love bright eyes..their words are so thoughtful..
and i just discovered
the videos are too...

oh and i dare you not to tear up while your watching
(and listening..)
ahhhh, love.

happy sunday to you
full of sweet things!

Monday, May 18, 2009

filling a space..

back in college..
(a few years back..)
my focus was sculpture.
if you know my jewelry work now,
you might be surprised to find out that my sculptures
were on a very (very) large scale.
...huge welded free-standing pieces, taller than me...
that eventually grew into installations that filled rooms and outdoor spaces.

i was young (ish) and dumb (ish)
and took very few photos of my work.
(just enough to get into grad school..)
and so of course i don't have many to show now.
(but i'll dig some up to show you in the future...promise...)

when i saw this video on my sweet friend mrs. french's inspiring blog last week,
my heart swelled and felt a rush of happy familiarity
(and the urge to create installations again..)

the music is beautiful
lisa hannigan has a great voice
the musicians are so sweet to watch
(check out the red ukulele! i am so going to learn someday..)
and of course,
seeing them all work together is so wonderful.
(that's another neat thing i miss...working with other people)

the room they create is gorgeous too..
just watch and you'll see..

have a gorgeous monday
full of inspiration!

ps. i'll see you friday instead of wednesday because i'll be in nyc for a few days
taking photos, visiting museums, stuffing my face with great food
and best of all,
visiting my sweet friend christina.

Friday, May 15, 2009

tea for two..or three..

there are about 567,894 reasons why i love portland, oregon.
(maybe more, actually..)
on a recent trip to lovely pdx,
(for my birthday, yay!)
i took my mom and sister to one of my very very favorite places for tea.
(it's also one of my top reasons for wanting to move to portland..)
it's the original location of

we popped in out of the rain
for a quick cup of tea..
and found that we really didn't want to leave.

it's the sort of place that you just want to linger
and soak up the zen japanese atmosphere
it's so calming and
the beautiful menu is so tempting..

so we stayed

for 3 pots of tea
and edamame

and these delicate little wraps with spinach leaves
peanuts, toasted chopped coconut with almonds (amazing combination),
tiny bits of fresh lime, fresh ginger and onion.

and we were happy.
(and i was especially happy to share this with my beautiful sister and mom.
..thanks for a wonderful birthday guys!)

if you're in the portland area, i highly recommend visiting the original belmont location
or better yet, wait until i'm there and we'll go together.

in the meantime,
have a great weekend full of things you love.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the sweetness of goodbyes and hellos

hello dear friends!
oh, i can't believe that it's been almost a month since my last post.
believe me,
i have thought about you guys a lot
and thought about writing..
(oh so many things to write about..too many maybe..)
if you could see behind the'd find 6 or 7 started,
but unfinished little postings.

the past few weeks have been full
with lots of thinking and feeling
and not a lot of saying.

it was a windy month full of sadness and change.
where i just let my thoughts float and fly away on the breeze..
lots of reflection
and letting go.

i said goodbye to my dear old sweet kitty, flipina.
my little girl who had been my pillow and song-partner for 15 years.
(she would always come and sing next to me whenever i'd sing or cry..
she especially loved 'black bird' by the know the one)

i said goodbye to my dear aunt as well.
my aunt who lived in guadalajara
and taught us how to make fresh tamales each christmas dinner.
who loved color so much and is probably the reason i ever started making jewelry.

there was a lot of sadness
and so much beauty in it all too.

there was lots and lots of reminiscing
and reliving so many memories and so much love.

there's a quiet beauty in tucking those sweet memories in safely into our hearts
feeling thankful for them
and knowing they'll always be there.

looking at the explosion of spring flowers everywhere
(is it just me, or are there more blooms this year??)
has me thinking about the nature of change.
seeing buds popping
flowers blooming in all of their glory
and then fading and dropping off so that the trees can grow.
it's an amazingly gorgeous process
when you think about it.

life is change, i suppose.
and i think i'm okay with that.

wishing you a lovely wednesday.
see you friday.