Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fool's fun..a little giveaway

hello again!
i thought i would surprise everyone with two blog posts today.
seeing that it's april fool's day and all..

and who doesn't like surprises?
especially when they're 
in the form of a give-away..

this is how we're going to play..
just leave a comment on this blog post
and tell me about your most memorable prank..
either played on you or by you
at some time in your life.

for example, 
maybe your sister played a tape recording of you
singing 'you light up my life' to your entire 3rd grade class
(oh yes, that did happen..and i have not forgotten it..amy..)

tell me all about yours, don't be shy
i'd love to hear!

on friday, april 3
i'll draw a name at noon (eastern time)
and announce the winner
here on my blogitty blog.

what do you get if you win?
you'll receive one of my surprise hearts
from my bead shop,
that's what.

for more info on what these surprise heart pendants are..
just check here.

 i suppose this is a treat rather than a prank..
but it's my little surprise for you.

wishing you a very happy april 1st.


  1. Oh, I just happened to click the refresh button and look what I found~~aren't you a clever girl :~) I even have a story.

    Once upon a time, when I was about 10, two of my *best* friends, Nancy and Christine, decided to style my hair. They made me close my eyes and instead of styling it, they sprayed it blond. It's kind of funny now, but it wasn't then. I don't even think it was April 1 :~)

  2. oh, there are so many. my favorite is the time we froze the bras of girls that went to sleep early during a spent the night party. my uncle came in unexpectedly during the night (he was in the navy). he always had coffee in the morning and always put exactly one ice cube to cool his coffee to the perfect temperature....well, imagine his surprise to open the door to a freezer full of bras frozen. we still tease him.

  3. Happy April Fools! Thanks for that link Jennifer! I forgot to thank you..that was pretty amazing.

    I'm not one for pulling pranks but I did pull one on my husband's cousin. He is known for the being the prankster in the family and at a family picnic the day after a wedding I posted a missing person's sign (several of them) of him all over the park. He's a decent looking guy but I had two really awful images of him and the poster described him as having a penchant for twinkies and mountain dew and that he was last seen wearing a 98 degrees band t-shirt and black knee highs with his Birkenstocks. I listed a number to call in case he was found (it was for the a local mental health hotline). It was rather funny( albeit immature). The family got a kick out of it and I am know known as the only person who was able to "get" Dean:)

  4. My housemate was always borrowing my things(which he always denied) so I swapped my soap with joke dye soap...he was caught red handed AND black faced!

  5. This happened to my husband and I, apparently there is a tradtion where you put a dead fish in the car that the newlyweds leave for their honeymoon in. My dad called to warn us, but we had other things on our mind. The car sat in the hot California sun at the airport while we were enjoying our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas. Well, long story short, we had to drive home post honeymoon, in the pouring rain with the windows down because of the horrible smell.

  6. During one of my many job adventures, I found myself working for a circuit court judg. When I typed up the schedule of cases on April Fools, I used all cartoon characters as the plaintiffs and defendants. (e.g., Fred Flintstone vs. Wilma Flintstone in a custody hearing over Pebbles). This judge was notorious for being late and getting on the bench without being fully prepared and just winging it. He managed to start reading the schedule for the day and had the whole courtroom laughing. Lawyers are a funny lot!

  7. oh how i heart today.
    you should see all the lovely comments.

  8. When I was about 12 years old my sister, two of our friends, me and my mom and her friends spent a weekend in a cabin in northern Michigan. One of the nights my mom and her friends thought it would be funny to hang our (my sister, our friends and mine) bras from the ceiling fan. We woke up to our bras spinning around on that fan. My mom and her friends thought this was hilarious!

    Thank you for the giveaway, what a special treat!

  9. When I was in high school, one of the girls in our class had a father who was the president of a company that made and packaged marshmallows. At 5am on April Fool's day of our senior year, we trucked in THOUSANDS of bags of marshmallows from the company (free, of course!) and barricaded the entrance to the school with them. We're talking 10-12 bags deep and at least 6 ft high. it took a few hours to dig everything out, and we got a delayed opening for 2 hours. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  10. What a fantastically lovely giveaway!!!

    OH me, as for pranks, all of my memories seem to have to do with church camp or church retreats. What is it about church events that make kids want to rebel and be full mischief?? Mostly, I remember doing the typical stuff to the boys cabins at camp...spiders in their beds, bug spray on their pillows. I wish i could think of a fun prank from my adulthood!! Nothing is coming to me at the moment....

    Thanks for such a fun blog activity!!

  11. goes.....

    when I was about 8 months prego with my first child I had a particularly strenuous day at work, and all I wanted to do was go home and soak in a nice warm bath and I did and as I was relaxing eyes closed candle lit my husband thought it would be hilarious to come in and pour freezing cold water on my huge tummy that was sticking out of the water:) Needless to say it was quite shocking and it wasn't funny then but we continue to laugh about it now! :)

    Thanks so much for a chance to win one of your lovely creations! xo

  12. Vaseline. In college, I left the house one April 1st to find vaseline on every handle/doorknob I touched. Closing the front door, the latch on the fence, opening the guy friends had got me good.
    This was LONG before the days of having baby wipes handy in my bag!

  13. Oh how wonderful a blog and what a nice giveaway too. I love hearts! And believe it or not, I have never had a prank pulled on me and I have never pulled a prank on anyone...
    Serious. This is _not_ an April Fools Joke.
    Candace in Athens.

  14. This one is lame I know, but my daughter falls for it every year. On April 1st, I always tell my daughter that she does not have to go to school that day. She gets a twinkle in her eyes and her face lights up, and then I have to disappoint her and tell her "April Fools!"

    Great contest. love hearts.

  15. My best *work* ever had to be when I TP'd my co-workers office with an entire case of toilet paper! It rained down from the ceiling tiles and covered every inch of every piece of furniture. She loved it!

  16. Jennifer,

    I am so thrilled you started a blog! It's very lovely and inspiring! I receive so many complements on the earrings and pin you made earlier this year.

    I absolutely know I've played some pranks on my husband that made me laugh until I cried but somehow I can't remember them. Please don't disqualify me from the contest though! Here's an attempt: One of my favorite things to do is to hide behind a door and jump out my cat Frida and scare her. She'll arch her back, and do that little sideways jump cats do, and then chase me through the house. And. Every once in a while, she'll hide behind a door herself and jump out at me when I walk by.


  17. What fun!! I love April Fool's day, partly because my b-day is four days behind it.

    Inspired by the great movie Bruce Almighty, I covered my roommate in her bed with post-it notes. I'm talking head to toe!! The hardest part was not waking her up because it took quite awhile to do. And in case you're wondering, no we didn't waste them! We saved the post-its and reused them for their more traditional purposes. Priceless though!!

  18. What a cute idea! :)

    I think the best prank I ever played on someone was in high school. I was waiting for the bus home after track practice. I got a soda from the machine and added some hot red paprika to it, swirled it around. Oh and I poured some out beforehand to make it seem like I had already had some.

    Then I went over to my friends and offered it to this one guy (who I may or may not have had a crush on at the time). He said, "oh thanks!" and proceeded to gulp it down. Yeah, he stopped pretty quickly and his mouth was on fire. I don't remember how much water he must have drank after that.

    Funnier part was, after that, he tried to offer it to a bunch of other people to see if they would fall for it. I have no idea what happened to the rest of the can.

    Oh man, that was mean but so hilarious! :)

  19. Found you through etsy. Your Jenmorrisphoto shop rocks!

    My best friend told me last year she was pregnant on April Fools day, I think it was mean but good. She got me. I thought she really was.
    5 mo later she really was! haha.


  20. These beads are divine!
    Well, although tempted to tell my four boys and husband that I was pregnant with twins yesterday, I thought that might create some tension seeing as my husband, well, he couldn't have been the father if you know what I mean...
    I did however put blue food color in their milk, and as it was snowing that morning (which felt like a cruel joke in itself!) I told them they didn't have school. Oh, the joy on their faces, for the 18 seconds I let them believe it was true~

  21. My kids were teasing me so bad
    this year so I got them back. I
    have 6 kids.... I told them I was
    pregnant with triplets! They had
    been fooling me ...alot. My husband
    had heard what I said from the study
    and came running out ...pale faced.
    I winked at him but it took him a
    few minutes to recover. Then he
    joined in on the trick. The kids
    had sewed his work socks half way
    so he could not put them on... all
    of them! The also sewed his brief
    bag closed so he could not open it.
    When he got up they had colored his
    glasses with dryboard pens one lense
    red one blue so they looked like
    3~D glasses. That was just a few they
    did to him... me I got yogurt in my
    coffee, pepper in the lid of my nose
    drops, a holes in the bread and a
    very naughty gummy worm.... I made
    them take the bread as sandwiches
    and I snuck gummyworms in their
    sandwiches. I got it all day loads
    of fooling... then I told them the
    "news" the results were soooo funny!
    I got very mixed feelings from all!!
    After 1 hour they started to realize
    I had fooled them back! Needless to
    say I did get short sheeted April 1st.
    I think my fool was sooo funny...
    wonder what I will do next year.