Friday, June 5, 2009

happy happy weekend

it's friday (alleluiah!)
it's breezy and warm

and the sky is filled
big big beautiful clouds

they're just so sweet
and full of something special

i don't really know what it is exactly
they always send me dreaming..

..they make me think of travelling

..of long slow days at the beach

..of long sweet walks

..of just laying in the grass under a big tree
and doing nothing
but watching time float by

sounds like the perfect weekend to me.
wishing you a happy one.

Monday, June 1, 2009

so much love

do you know people that just seem to have
extra large hearts..
with so much love to give
as if they have a never-ending well of kindness
and generosity inside?

you know the ones..
they're always giving and giving
thinking of others

..taking the time to say
and do kind things
in the most generous
(and usually surprising)

they are full of life
noticing beauty in everything around them
(and best of all..they share it with the rest of us..)

i have been so incredibly lucky to become friends
with one of those super extra special beautiful people

and when i say beautiful
i mean utterly gorgeous inside and out
(just take a peek at her flickr site
and you'll see what i'll be so very inspired)

cori inspires me constantly
with her beautiful photos
and entertaining little journal entries..
(some are so heart felt and some are hilarious)

she recently sent me the most amazing envelope full of love
and sweet wishes
made of her gorgeous photos and postcards
..completely out of the blue..
and well, just because.

somehow she knew i needed it.
(she's just like that)

oh and did i mention
that we haven't even met in person yet??
(the online community is an amazing thing..)

thank you sweet cori.
i'm so happy to call you my friend.

now for a little more inspiration,
please do yourself the favor of visiting cori's beautiful shop
full of her art and vintage goodies.
maybe you can become her friend too.