Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yellow whispers

with a light gray rain falling today
there's a gentle first hint of fall in the air

a certain stillness hangs lightly
as the days get a little shorter
and all of the green loosens its hold
slipping into whispers of yellows and reds

i love this quiet time just before the explosion of fall color
there's a certain dreaminess
as summer drifts into memory


Monday, August 24, 2009

olive juice kids

how adorable are these clothes??

so paris chic..
i can definitely imagine sipping coffee in a cafe
while wearing these

or visiting galleries
and walking down the champs-elysees

boating on the seine

browsing through books at shakespeare & co
just pretending i'm in france..

and they're making me really excited about dressing for fall
(it's right around the corner..can you believe it?)

oh if only they came in adult sizes.

happy monday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

down the rabbit hole

she looked into her dreams
where her good friends lived and played and decided
the day had come to join them

and so

into the sun we ran
letting fears fall away

stopping only to see that this place
in all its gorgeousness
with all its newness

had really been ours all along.

sketches and notes from an adventurous day
(with many more to come..)

wishing you a happy weekend full of dreams and adventures of your own.

*these photos are a small part of a collaborative series that my bf sam and i are creating

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i think the word for this one would be..sweet

this animation..
the music..
the words..
her voice..
it all just tickles me inside

a little bit 1930s
a little more 1940s
some 1960s
and slightly edgily modernish too
..a nice combination i'd say

hope you're having a happy week.

Monday, August 17, 2009

joi de vivre

have you seen it yet?
you must you must you must.
i'm telling you.
you must.

within the first minute
i was dreaming of living in paris
(even more vividly than usual)

and by the fifth minute into the film
i was starving
(despite the fact that we had just stuffed our faces
at the farmer's market 30 minutes earlier)
..oh those endless images of melting butter and bruscetta and souffles ..
(i didn't find any stills of those online..just trust me)

and about an hour in
i had made up my mind to turn my wish list on ebay
(for the entire le creuset set of pots and pans)
into a fedex delivery to my kitchen

gather a good girlfriend or two
come armed with loads of snacks
(maybe sneak in a basket filled with french bread and cheese and wine..
i'm going to do just that next time i see it..oh and i will see it again soon)
and get ready to smile
and laugh (outloud)
and cry a little bit
and laugh some more
and simply become filled with julia's contagious joi de vivre.
(meryl streep absolutely channelled her)

if i had to sum up julie & julia in just a few words,
i'd say exactly what my new sweet friend beth said after it was over..
'that was just lovely'.
it really was.

happy monday
and bon appetit!

ps. and if you become as obsessed with julia and her food and life as i did
(i think you will)
you'll love this website

Friday, August 14, 2009

fffffff friday

'f' is for...




{ajawin}'s for friendship...


and best of all
...'f' is for friday...

wishing you a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

big jumps

a catchy little ditty
for a bit of mid-week inspiration..

i'm going through lots of creative changes right now..
(completely self-inflicted changes)
..pushing myself to explore my photography
in new and exciting ways
(oh so new and exciting to me)
and i find that the words to this song
are really inspiring and just right there
where i am
right now

because to me
truly living a creative life involves
taking chances
going on explorations
(inside and outside ourselves)
moving (jumping) beyond that comfortable place
and into the place
that gives you goose bumps
(you know the one..the scary one..where you feel most alive)

hope to see you there.

Monday, August 10, 2009

al fresco

if i could have it my way

i'd eat outside each and every day

..and bathe too
(it's true)

everything's more adventurous out in the fresh air.
don't you think?

(merci mrs. french)

Friday, August 7, 2009

happy friday kids!

there have been
lots of parties and gatherings this summer
and they have me thinking of themes for one that i'd like to throw
(besides my 'game day' for which i am gathering the likes of
bocce ball, badminton and croquet..but more about that another time..)

something old fashioned..retro..with vintage hats..
maybe with piles of them at the front door
for guests to choose from..

with good old fashioned refreshments..
singapore slings, gin fizzes, mint julips,
(and maybe a few shirley temples)
out in the garden


under strings of paper lanterns

with lots of ella and louie playing

which hat would you pick to wear?

it's summertime
it's friday
here's to doing something festive..

and wishing you a happy happy weekend!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

so many uses for a teaspoon


people can be just so amazing...
a little something to put you in a happy mood
on this tuesday