Friday, April 3, 2009

and the winner is..

really quickly, before i announce the winner of the give-away,
i have to say that all of you guys were so great to play along!
your stories were hilarious
and i've been smiling just thinking about all the great silliness out there.
i'm filled with all sorts of ideas for pranks now
(you know, if i ever decide to do something like that..of course..)

i put all of the names in a bowl
closed my eyes
and drew the name of..

congratulations to you
miss ashley! 
i'll contact you and get all of your info
and get right to work on your special surprise heart this weekend.

thanks everyone for playing!
it was so much fun,
i will definitely be doing many more giveaways in the future.

in the meantime,
have a beautiful weekend
filled with all sorts of surprises!


  1. Congratulations from me, too!

  2. BTW, the way you announced the winner is so lovely, too!

  3. Cool! I am lucky!

  4. Congratulations Ashley! You are one lucky girl!! :D