Friday, April 10, 2009

green is good

in my wanderings around the neighborhood yesterday
i spied some things that i've been waiting (patiently?) for
for a very very long time..

tiny buds, little grasses, sweet ferns (life!)
were pushing up and out of the ground, out of tree branches, bushes, everywhere.
and oh
how happy this made me.
i mean really really happy...giddy in fact.

so giddy that i ran home (mmm..probably more like skipping, actually..)
and immediately started working on
new earrings and pendants
inspired by the new glorious green-ness.

these earrings were the first that i finished..
and there will be more sprouting up in my bead shop
over the weekend.

my musings, on wednesday, of far away beaches and romantic things
are still very much alive and will continue to inspire me throughout the next few months..
it's just that i can now happily add to my collection
inspiration from things closer to home as well.

wishing you a gorgeous holiday weekend
full of inspiration and all sorts of things that make you happy (or even giddy..) too.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful!!! I love the fresh, Spring greens of the tiny leaves!

  2. Life inspires art in so many ways....your work is a beautiful example!

  3. A luscious taste of the sunny summer days to come ❤

  4. absolutely gorgeous
    and i am so with you on the inspiration
    i brought my beads out to my backyard yesterday and worked in the warm sun, smelling the earth and smiling at the buds and birds

  5. you made these?! amazing detail and colors. happy friday!

  6. ok...these are so pretty I had to come back twice...stunning! xo t

  7. Life is beautiful, these earrings are beautiful, you and all your thoughts are beautiful and inspiring!!! Hugs! xoxox

  8. I know what you mean by all the green, I've been on a nature inspired kick myself. Have a wonderful weekend! Those earrings are perfect!

  9. I'm in awe. I looks absolutely gorgeous!

  10. you absolutely captured the spring magic that's in the air!! gorgeous!!

  11. You are so amazing, Jennifer!! These are stunning! Green... yeah, it's finally coming to our neck of the woods... yippee!

  12. Those earrings are gorgeous!!