Monday, April 6, 2009

butterfly dreams..

do you ever have dreams that you can fly?
i used to.
when i was a child i had them all the time.
i could flap my arms really really hard and lift my body up
and i would soar through the sky...
usually just out of the grasp of some scary monster.
i haven't had those dreams in years.
until last night.
the flying dream came back.
this one was different though,

last night i was in a field of wildflowers
and there was a little butterfly there (not a scary monster)
who playfully fluttered around
trying to get me to follow it.
i knew if i tried hard enough
that i could fly with it.
(you know how you just know these things in dreams)

so i tried and tried
i flapped my arms (just like i used to when i was a kid)
i ran and jumped
and nothing.
my body felt heavy and i felt sad.
my body wasn't responding the way it used to.

more butterflies flew past
almost in slow motion
and i noticed how gracefully and effortlessly
they were flitting about.
suddenly i knew
that i was trying too hard.
i didn't need to flap and run and jump.
if i would just relax
just let myself become light
let myself lift up
the rest would take care of itself

and so i did.
i breathed really deeply
i stopped thinking and panicking
and i let myself go.

i started rising up up into the air
floating above the fields
where hundreds of butterflies
were fluttering and diving
all around me.
i could feel soft wind from their delicate wings.
it filled me with utter and complete joy.

when i woke up
i was smiling..completely relaxed
as if i had been on a long journey
..a vacation.
my fists weren't clenched (as they often are these days)
and i realized that i really needed this.
it was like a gift from something deep deep inside myself..
(maybe an early birthday gift?..i'm having a big one in a few weeks..ahhh!)

whatever it was, it was beautiful
and i'm going to try to keep that feeling with me.

dreams are so fascinating,
especially when they can affect you so profoundly.
do you have any that you remember so clearly?

thanks for letting me indulge myself with that one!
wishing you a very happy and peaceful beginning of the new week..
and sweet sweet dreams.

*all of the beautiful photos i gathered from fellow etsy friends..please pay them a visit when you have time.


  1. What a lovely dream, Miss Jenn!

  2. Oh, and lovely photos, too :~)

  3. beautiful words and selections

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful and poetic words... What a wonderful dream that speaks your inner thoughts and feelings! Just lovely! Thanks for writing about it. xoxox

  6. that is definitely a dream worth remembering. I am grateful you chose to share it. thank you.

  7. so, so very cool...thanks for sharing.... it has made my day! xo

  8. I never have flying dreams..even as a child I don't recall flying. How fun for you though to revisit that familiar feeling you had as a kid though! I love these photos..wonderful!

  9. Beautiful pictures and words...great blog!

  10. a beautiful roundup of photos -- and story. i'm a vivid dreamer too. happily they're often good dreams, too.