Friday, July 31, 2009

hadley much gorgeousness

airy sweet light rich imaginative
fluttery feminine
modern vintage
are a few words that come to mind
when i look at hadley hutton's work

gorgeously inspiring these make me so happy
and i want all of them
are a few other words i can think of too.

for all you (luckies) in portland oregon..
you can see her monoprints in person at tilde august 7th
(reason #4579 i want to move to portland)
for the rest of us..
we can always find her beautiful pieces here and here.

hope you have a fabulous weekend
full of things that make you happy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kind over matter

i have a new happy habit
of visiting this website each day
for a dose of inspiration
and a heaping helping of good feelings



have created a beautiful world over at kind over matter
where thoughtful artwork and handmade is celebrated
and a good feeling is always guaranteed.
enjoy your visit(s)

Monday, July 27, 2009

miles and miles

50 of them to be exact...
when the weekend was through
we had explored 40 of the 5o miles
of the crazy flea-market
running along route 90 this weekend.

rolling through farmland
linking villages to farms
and people to people

it was such a great way to slow down
and stop in all the little towns
and take closer looks at houses
and cafes and barns
(i have a serious thing for barns..
i'll show you my ever-growing photo collection one of these days)

people came from all around the northeast..
i met ladies who drove in from rhode island
who started the 50 mile drive (crawl)
on thursday.

i didn't know what to expect
and now i do.

it's a big party for people who love antiques
(and junk too)
who love history
and who just love to dig
and roam.
i was in heaven

we couldn't have stuffed much more into the jeep
and i still spent
less than $100.

what a great weekend.
hope you had a fun one too.
what did you do?

Friday, July 24, 2009

dear summer, please slow down

is it just me
or did this week fly right by?
i can't believe it's friday already
(not complaining!)

but really
how did it get to be the end of july?


it's just that
this summer is turning out to be so gorgeous..

i want to slow it down
to hang on to
each and every second of it

each and every summer stroll
(especially those late afternoon-and-into-the-evening ones..
aren't those the best?)

every drop of sunshine

those lazy summer naps
(mmmm...aren't THOSE the best?)

each and every delicious bite
of all the amazing summer produce
(and eating it outside..
that's most definitely the best)

and just soak up all the gorgeousness
of this sweet season
while it's still here

wishing you a beautifully summer-filled weekend...
what are you going to do?

..tomorrow there is a 50~mile long antiques/flea market
here in upstate ny..
(i don't think i'm going to be able to sleep tonight
i'm so excited)

see you next week
with lots of pics!

*thanks to all of my flickr friends for these beautifully quintessential summer moments*

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a quiet post





all from etsy

some of my favorite things
on a quiet wednesday

wishing you a happy one

Monday, July 20, 2009

a different path

so we left the house
all excited about going berry picking this weekend..

ready to take a million photos
and pick a billion berries
with visions of making tarts and pies
and filling our mouths with piles of them
fresh from the bushes
...strawberries, huckleberries, blackberries and raspberries..
just like i did when i was a kid
(i still remember the very first blackberry i ate right from the vine)

only to find that the farm
was already sold out of all of its berries
for the season
(what? how can this early in the season?
well..then again, we're talking about organic berries..
which are sadly, very hard to come by around here)

darn. i was so super disappointed
..mad at myself really..
for having put off our little berry adventure again and again
(we'd been talking about picking them ourselves for months and months..)

then i remembered something i had read that morning..
a little thought of the day
(yogi teas come with small phrases, words of wisdom
printed on their tea tags..)
which most of the time
really do make me atleast think for a moment
during the day

this one said
'empty yourself and let the universe fill you'
(something more poetic, but along those lines)

and suddenly
i realized just exactly what this meant
and just exactly how it could help the situation
(yogi are my personal guru..yes you are!)

so i threw away my expectations
(mainly my disappointment)
we just set out exploring the countryside
with no plans at all
to see what we could find

..we discovered all sorts of great things..
a sweet little nature preserve
sortof hidden and tucked away
with a beautiful pond

all sorts of overgrown paths
(not scary overgrown..)
just sweet and smelling of chamomile
and begging to be explored

we played like kids

and snapped a million photos

and found strange little spaces
that sparked a billion creative ideas

realized we had found a really great spot
to come back to again and again
for more exploring
and for portraits
(i'm dreaming of doing some self-portraits and also using models..)

no berries this weekend
(but believe me..i'm thinking of driving out to the catskills..i hear there are still plenty there)
and funny enough
i can whole-heartedly say that it was one of the best i've had
in a very very long time.

hope you had a great weekend too..
happy monday to you!