Friday, July 17, 2009

a yellow day

my dear friend the sun came for a visit yesterday
(a long long awaited visit, i might add)

it blanketed everything
with it's beautiful
yellow glow

i decided to celebrate its return
with a bundle of sunflowers

fresh and sweet
from our little farmer's market.

they're just about the happiest flowers on earth
don't you think?

i love the way they capture the sun

and throw it right back at us
laughing with yellow happiness

and although our little visit was short and sweet
(it packed up and left this morning)
the sun left me with just enough sweetness
to last me until our next visit

i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be back again soon
and for
a much longer time, next time..
(don't get me wrong, i love rain
it is summer afterall)

wishing you a happy weekend
full of warmth and sunshine
(and if you do see it, please tell it to come back my way for a while)


  1. oh jennifer - these are gorgeous

    I will gladly share my sunshine with you

  2. so pretty and happy....glad you could see the sun for a little bit!

    happy weekend........

  3. i have had a firm word with the sun & am wishing you some beautifully sun filled days!

  4. Thanks Jen for another beautifully inspired/ inspiring post!
    Sunflowers always remind me of my maternal grandmother and never fail to warm me with a head to toes smile :D
    One of my favorite childhood memories is seeing her in the garden standing underneath a particularly mammoth sunflower. It had grown so tall and the flower head so giant and heavy with seed that it drooped over. She decided to ham it up as if she was taking a shower beneath it. There's a photo of it somewhere, I imagine it right in line with your delightfully sunny pics.