Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kind over matter

i have a new happy habit
of visiting this website each day
for a dose of inspiration
and a heaping helping of good feelings



have created a beautiful world over at kind over matter
where thoughtful artwork and handmade is celebrated
and a good feeling is always guaranteed.
enjoy your visit(s)


  1. ohmygoodness, thank you sooo much!! i actually have goodsebumps & tears wellin' up... I am so glad that KOM resonates to others the feelings that it gives us to do it... to go searching for beauty in this world, to share it, it's an amazing feeling!! Thank you for returning everyday! You have a lovely blog here yourself! We'll be adding you to our "kind mentions" section! Peace to you!

  2. oh - great recommendation! Affirmations are always good things.

  3. Thank you, what a beautiful space they have.
    I love the photos. I love the sentiments.

  4. aaaah! ... me, too! they highlight soooooo much happiness and it's quite infectious. :)

  5. goodness..thank you for the introduction...such a treasure!

    how are you sweet friend? I stopped by your etsy shop today and once again, was completely blown away by your talent! xo t

  6. eeee! aw, you are so sweet & lovely, thank you so-so much for all the pretty words, i'm smiling super big right now. xoxo

  7. thank YOU jenn and amanda for the inspiration!
    you guys deserve a million other posts and stories written about you.

    hi mrs.french!
    so happy to see you..sounds like you guys had an amazing trip!
    hugs and happy summer to you!

    thanks everybody else for visiting (and commenting!!)
    love to you all!