Friday, July 24, 2009

dear summer, please slow down

is it just me
or did this week fly right by?
i can't believe it's friday already
(not complaining!)

but really
how did it get to be the end of july?


it's just that
this summer is turning out to be so gorgeous..

i want to slow it down
to hang on to
each and every second of it

each and every summer stroll
(especially those late afternoon-and-into-the-evening ones..
aren't those the best?)

every drop of sunshine

those lazy summer naps
(mmmm...aren't THOSE the best?)

each and every delicious bite
of all the amazing summer produce
(and eating it outside..
that's most definitely the best)

and just soak up all the gorgeousness
of this sweet season
while it's still here

wishing you a beautifully summer-filled weekend...
what are you going to do?

..tomorrow there is a 50~mile long antiques/flea market
here in upstate ny..
(i don't think i'm going to be able to sleep tonight
i'm so excited)

see you next week
with lots of pics!

*thanks to all of my flickr friends for these beautifully quintessential summer moments*


  1. gorgeous picks for summer - have fun shopping!! sounds like a fantastic time.

  2. thanks char!
    it's always a joy reading your comments (and your blog!)
    happy summer.