Thursday, July 2, 2009

a very soft summer

mist and fog
and drizzly days
and nights
and mornings
and evenings
that's what my summer has been made of so far

but you know
i really love it..

the moodiness
the lushness
(the plants are exploding with gratitude for all of the moisture)

it's all soft
the air
and the ground
the colors
and the light

it's calming
and instead of making me want to nap
(well,..naps are nice..)
it makes me want to go exploring
it sets my imagination rolling with visions
of mysteries and fairytales

and then there's the cool air..'s a very nice summer so far.

how's your's going?
i'd love to hear.


  1. So glad to see you again ❤

    Mist and fog sound lovely the way you describe and illustrate them with such beautiful photos!

    We're having sun and heat here in Portland, which I love, but the landscape is looking a little parched, so some moisture would be welcome!


  2. oh Jennifer - such gorgeous shots you've selected. I wish I had some of this cooling, misty day - but it's been hot and humid.

    good to hear from you.

  3. thank you guys!
    it's so good to be back.
    i'll do my best to send some cooling breezes
    south and west..

  4. these are such gorgeous pictures :)