Monday, July 27, 2009

miles and miles

50 of them to be exact...
when the weekend was through
we had explored 40 of the 5o miles
of the crazy flea-market
running along route 90 this weekend.

rolling through farmland
linking villages to farms
and people to people

it was such a great way to slow down
and stop in all the little towns
and take closer looks at houses
and cafes and barns
(i have a serious thing for barns..
i'll show you my ever-growing photo collection one of these days)

people came from all around the northeast..
i met ladies who drove in from rhode island
who started the 50 mile drive (crawl)
on thursday.

i didn't know what to expect
and now i do.

it's a big party for people who love antiques
(and junk too)
who love history
and who just love to dig
and roam.
i was in heaven

we couldn't have stuffed much more into the jeep
and i still spent
less than $100.

what a great weekend.
hope you had a fun one too.
what did you do?


  1. oh my ....totally my dream to go to this one day...looks like it was amazing!xo

  2. how fun would that be! Nothing like that on the west coast..


  3. oh, I completely lust the red suitcase and the sunglasses! great haul!

  4. thanks ladies!
    it was such a great weekend..
    if i'm still living in ny next year,
    you're welcome to come play with me!