Friday, May 15, 2009

tea for two..or three..

there are about 567,894 reasons why i love portland, oregon.
(maybe more, actually..)
on a recent trip to lovely pdx,
(for my birthday, yay!)
i took my mom and sister to one of my very very favorite places for tea.
(it's also one of my top reasons for wanting to move to portland..)
it's the original location of

we popped in out of the rain
for a quick cup of tea..
and found that we really didn't want to leave.

it's the sort of place that you just want to linger
and soak up the zen japanese atmosphere
it's so calming and
the beautiful menu is so tempting..

so we stayed

for 3 pots of tea
and edamame

and these delicate little wraps with spinach leaves
peanuts, toasted chopped coconut with almonds (amazing combination),
tiny bits of fresh lime, fresh ginger and onion.

and we were happy.
(and i was especially happy to share this with my beautiful sister and mom.
..thanks for a wonderful birthday guys!)

if you're in the portland area, i highly recommend visiting the original belmont location
or better yet, wait until i'm there and we'll go together.

in the meantime,
have a great weekend full of things you love.


  1. I'll wait until you're here, we can meet for lunch :) Do you have a moving date yet?

  2. this is so fantastic and fresh!

    my sister is moving to Portland in July and I will be coming to visit in the Fall....I will definitely be up for tea! :)

    happy weekend.....and birthday {late}

  3. Oooooh Jens! This just brings back that wonderful afternoon ...and you captured the happiness we felt being together in such a leisurely and beautiful celebration of your birthday! We DID celebrate ALL week long!!! HeeHee! Hugs and LOVE! Mom xoxoxo

  4. I'm sad I missed it~~but we'll go when you move here. We could have a Welcome to Portland party for you there :~) {Are you packing?}

  5. Hi,
    You don't know me, but I'm glad you had a great birthday! You have a lovely blog, so glad I found you!

    Your jewelry & photos are out of this world! Ok, heavenly!!

  6. that does look like the sort of place one could sink inot for some good eats and even better conversation.

    Happy (belated) birthday!!