Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the sweetness of goodbyes and hellos

hello dear friends!
oh, i can't believe that it's been almost a month since my last post.
believe me,
i have thought about you guys a lot
and thought about writing..
(oh so many things to write about..too many maybe..)
if you could see behind the'd find 6 or 7 started,
but unfinished little postings.

the past few weeks have been full
with lots of thinking and feeling
and not a lot of saying.

it was a windy month full of sadness and change.
where i just let my thoughts float and fly away on the breeze..
lots of reflection
and letting go.

i said goodbye to my dear old sweet kitty, flipina.
my little girl who had been my pillow and song-partner for 15 years.
(she would always come and sing next to me whenever i'd sing or cry..
she especially loved 'black bird' by the know the one)

i said goodbye to my dear aunt as well.
my aunt who lived in guadalajara
and taught us how to make fresh tamales each christmas dinner.
who loved color so much and is probably the reason i ever started making jewelry.

there was a lot of sadness
and so much beauty in it all too.

there was lots and lots of reminiscing
and reliving so many memories and so much love.

there's a quiet beauty in tucking those sweet memories in safely into our hearts
feeling thankful for them
and knowing they'll always be there.

looking at the explosion of spring flowers everywhere
(is it just me, or are there more blooms this year??)
has me thinking about the nature of change.
seeing buds popping
flowers blooming in all of their glory
and then fading and dropping off so that the trees can grow.
it's an amazingly gorgeous process
when you think about it.

life is change, i suppose.
and i think i'm okay with that.

wishing you a lovely wednesday.
see you friday.


  1. I am sorry for your losses and I am wishing you an *abundant amount of beauty* to help ease your sadness through the rough times...

    By the way, this is a beautifully written post :-)

  2. I'm so sorry for the sadness and the loss.........hang on to all of the beautiful memories.........

    it is so good to have you back..... and your post was truly always!

    Take care.....xoxo

  3. this gave me chills today. i am sending thoughts of comfort and camaraderie to you today.

    thank you for such an honest and beautiful reflection of your soul.

    mme. bookling

  4. as I start to type this "I Wonder" by Chris Isaak came on and for some reason it seemed fitting. Sorry for your losses - it's so hard to let go of those we love. Your photographs were filled with so much beauty and light and I instantly fell in love with them.

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    follow the blooggg then tell yuur
    friends *

  6. Lovely words and images, sweet Jenn ❤

  7. I'm so sorry for your losses. And so glad that you are clinging to those beautiful memories. Your sweet words and gorgeous photos bring some of that beauty to us. Thanks!

  8. lovely post ... sorry about the puss and your aunt

  9. there are few things in life so difficult as these. my heart is truly touched! & nourished by your beauty, how special it is!

  10. Such a powerful post today...I'm sorry for your losses.

  11. Beautiful shots Jennifer!

    I'm sorry to hear about both of your losses..that is really tough to take so close together~
    sending lots of hugs:)