Monday, May 18, 2009

filling a space..

back in college..
(a few years back..)
my focus was sculpture.
if you know my jewelry work now,
you might be surprised to find out that my sculptures
were on a very (very) large scale.
...huge welded free-standing pieces, taller than me...
that eventually grew into installations that filled rooms and outdoor spaces.

i was young (ish) and dumb (ish)
and took very few photos of my work.
(just enough to get into grad school..)
and so of course i don't have many to show now.
(but i'll dig some up to show you in the future...promise...)

when i saw this video on my sweet friend mrs. french's inspiring blog last week,
my heart swelled and felt a rush of happy familiarity
(and the urge to create installations again..)

the music is beautiful
lisa hannigan has a great voice
the musicians are so sweet to watch
(check out the red ukulele! i am so going to learn someday..)
and of course,
seeing them all work together is so wonderful.
(that's another neat thing i miss...working with other people)

the room they create is gorgeous too..
just watch and you'll see..

have a gorgeous monday
full of inspiration!

ps. i'll see you friday instead of wednesday because i'll be in nyc for a few days
taking photos, visiting museums, stuffing my face with great food
and best of all,
visiting my sweet friend christina.


  1. I love Lisa Hannigan too - I would love to see your installations. It is surprising as your work is so delicate and gorgeous but, it's also not surprising to me because I think you're so talented. Have fun in NYC - I want to go so bad.

  2. Looking forward to seeing those photos! I hope the video will inspire you to create installations again! Have fun with Christina and give here a hug for me!!!

  3. have a wonderful trip girly...lisa is pretty magical...xo t

  4. I recently came across this video and had to watch it about a half dozen times in a row. :)

    Safe & fun travels!

  5. this is so amazing! cheers from leaving the big and going to small :) I went kicking and screaming down the large scale road in grad school too. Would love to see your installations.

    Now I must post this video on Facebook because it must be shared with every single one of my friends. Thanks for sharing it with me :)

  6. Speaking of sculptures, saw a huge canoe in Anthro Pasadena. Jennifer, you could have donated your mirror canoe to them and it would have been WAY cool! :-D shu-shu