Monday, May 25, 2009

sweet shady places

i've been thinking a lot lately
of how lucky i was to grow up in the south..

oh yes,
it was unbelievable hot and humid for so much of the year
(especially those crazy long summers..)

but that heat and humidity created the most lush surroundings
keenly created within us southerners
a highly developed appreciation

for shade.

and now
(some years later..)
i'm just so full of luscious images and memories
of special shady spaces
my sister and i would find
during the hot moist summer months..

we'd create other worlds beautiful and hidden
playing and napping
for hours under big pink azalea bushes..

in caves of dripping ivy..

or way up high in heavy magnolia trees
(the branches were like staircases and just begged to be climbed)

..i can still smell the scent of the flowers and feel the waxy beauty of the leaves..
and find myself now filling my environment with plants
and greenery

and now that it's getting warm outside (at last..)
my eyes and my thoughts are drifting towards shady spots
..for tucking away and relaxing

airy spots
open with warm breezes blowing through

and full of natural light..

creative spaces that embody that carefree relaxed feeling
i had as a child.

so many of debi treloar's images take me to that place.

she so beautifully captures
that fresh relaxing hide-away feeling
(that i think is actually very possible to create in our own lives)

i'm so unbelievably inspired to turn those memories into reality.
what are you finding inspiring these days?
i'd love to hear.


  1. Such lovely photographs, as usual :~) I hope you will find a way to turn your sweet memories into reality, so we can share in them!!!

  2. it is really funny I just spend 1 hour on Debi's site and I come here and .... I agree her work is amazing !!

  3. her artwork is just gorgeous and I find myself so inspired by her grasp of subtle and vintage. I'm inspired by family, the lush greens outside my window and the beauty that surrounds me.

  4. these photos are gorgeous! thanks for sharing.

  5. truly lovely. Here in Israel it's hot like summer already. What's been inspiring me about that lately is the way I can walk around outside at night without a jacket and feel protected by the warm air around me. It's freeing.