Friday, March 20, 2009

primavera palomas

it's here. 
oh yes,
it's the first day of spring.

we might not be able to feel it quite yet,
but i swear the sun is already shining brighter.
it's almost laughing in the sky
telling winter (along with me) good bye.

there are new little birds singing
all around the neighborhood.
it almost feels like a disney movie..
it's a gorgeous day today
this first day of spring.

i thought it would be fun
to end my first week of blogging

with a preview of some spring inspired paloma pendants
that i've been working on.

palomas represent hope and new life
..good things that spring

they bring 
music, color, flowers..

and sunshine.

they remind us
to look at the small things..

to remember that things change and grow
and become beautiful again
in time.

that's why i love spring so much.

it reminds me to keep hoping.
and that's kindof nice.

you'll find 7 new palomas in my beadshop
this sunday around noon (eastern time).

i'm trying to get them in the shop early,
because we're going out hunting (with our cameras..not guns!) for migrating geese.
stories and pics to come next week...

in the meantime, enjoy your first weekend of spring
i hope it's full of good things.

all photos ©jennifermorrisbeads


  1. Wooopeee! Happy Spring to you! Your lovely palomas and springy banner have spilled beauty all the way over here in the still snowy land of Colorado. Thank u!

  2. Happy Spring! Your palomas couldn't be more exquisite. Wow, what a way to usher in this blossoming season!

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  4. Oh, hello pretty palomas!!! I'll be watching for you in the shop on Sunday!!!

  5. so lovely!!! beautiful work Jennifer :)

  6. hellloooooo gorgeous. these are just stunning as is all of your work. one day I will make something in your shop mine. Until then I dream and drool.

  7. Joyful Beautiful Spring! And you have captured it perfectly with your fantastic new Palomas! Exquisite works of art!!!! Hugs!

  8. Jennifer, happy spring to you. Love the Paloma's, just beautiful. Have a great week end..Kathi

  9. These are beautiful~I especially like the fushia one! Your photos are like a breath of fresh air..lovely!

    p.s. I tried leaving a comment the other day and it wouldnt let me. People are having this problem with lots of blogs but I switched browsers and it seems to work fine now:)

  10. I waaaaant one ❤

  11. These are stunning, as always~
    Best of luck on the hunt!

  12. oh my...they are all stunning! the last one is my favorite, you are so talented my friend...xo t

  13. These are lovely. Bursting with joi de vivre!
    Spring has sprung!!!

  14. Everything you create and photograph is so incredibly beautiful and enchanting! I am totally enamored....
    Thank you for sharing your many talents!
    Best wishes~~~

  15. Hi Jennifer

    I was visiting at Christina's blog and she suggested we wonder over to day hi. I'm so glad I did!! Welcome welcome to the land of Bloglandia. I see by you posts you have already been bitten by the slightly addicting Blog bug!! :) I wish you tons of fun and the gift of meeting sisters (well mostly) who "get it"!!!

    Oye your palomas are the picture of Spring!! I love them :)

    Stop by for a visit when you have time, I'll be sure I have a fresh cold Limonada on hand!
    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  16. Oh your work is so exquisite! Welcome to the blogging world. I will be adding you to my reader so I don't miss any loveliness!

  17. I came over here from Christine's blog at DuBuhDu Designs. I think your clay work is gorgeous! It reminds me of the highly textured silk ribbon embroidery I used to do when my hands (and eyes) were younger...

    Come on by my place for a visit, if you have some time.


  18. I just found your new blog and LOVE.It.
    I plan on posting about these gorgeous pendants on my blog. Hope that's okay. I'll be back, Jennifer.

  19. I was just looking at an old bead and button with your work in it and found your blog through dubuduh designs! Wow...beautiful work and beautiful photography.

  20. Your palomas are as sweet as can be! Welcome Spring!!!