Monday, March 23, 2009

it's all about food..n'est-ce pas?

it's monday. (already??!)
and i'm thinking about food.
(didn't i do that all weekend too?)

while digging through my favorite food blogs this morning,
(my mouth completely watering..
and stomach growling..)

..looking for ideas for meals and introductions to new food to explore..
it hit me.
i wasn't just looking for food inspiration,
but for creative stimulation/inspiration too.

seriously, how can i look at a presentation of scrambled eggs , like this one
and not feel excited by it's originality?

and the cleverness doesn't stop there..
bea at the beautiful blog  la tartine gourmande
is filled with gorgeous ideas and honestly,
a gorgeous way of living life
(and avec petite lessons en francais)
her site is a place where you can (happily) get lost for hours
(and i have..willingly..many many times)

bea's warmth and charm are so entertaining.
her stories about each meal..testing new food on her husband (and new bebe)
will make you smile and laugh, not to mention very very hungry.

she offers endless amounts of *hope* 
for tasty eating
to gluten-free folk like me..
(and 'regular' people too!)

and oh the journeys you go on with her as they travel..

eating in her native france..

learning about olives and feta in crete..

cycling and picnicking on block island..

all the while bantering, cooking, photographing, and sharing
her beautiful life with us.
making me want to extend my creativity into all parts of my life.

her family, environment, and her food are all connected..
her personal anecdotes make you instant friends.
i especially love her story of making apple pie 
with apples from her brother's garden
while visiting her childhood home in france..

i think bea's appreciation of life and food is truly art.
and i am fully completely absolutely inspired.
et vous?

i hope you have a happy and inspiring monday.
i'm off to the market now...

*all photos ©latartinegourmande


  1. I found your blog today, and am now a follower. Thanks for this link, it sounds right up my alley! Have a good day. X

  2. Another beautiful and this time, yummy, post, Miss Jenn! I've been to Block Island, BTW! ❤e

  3. Wonderful, fresh and fascinating Jens! Thanks for introducing me to bea and her wonderful way with food... ah, yes and so inspiring! Can't wait to try some of her wonderful sounding recipes!!! xoxox

  4. I don't know if I can handle another food blog! hahahaha - but yes, these are gorgeous thoughts and ideas.

  5. I agree, that food should be inspirational as well as delicious. Gorgeous pix here! Off to visit some of your links now...


  6. Thanks so much for the honor Jennifer. I am really touched by your kind words! And so happy my food is a source of inspiration. Merci !

  7. I've peeked at her blog once or twice before, but your "review" just totally converted me. I obviously need to spend some time over at Bea's. You really have crafted Spilling Beauty in such an inspiring way. I'm so happy you're here. We all benefit greatly from your voice, eye, and knack for finding the perfect loveliness to share... here's to an awesome beginning!