Friday, March 27, 2009

time is flying by..i want to ride along

oh, happy happy friday everyone!

today was such a busy day.
i felt like i was flying around town, racing from here to there.
you know those days
when you have to consciously slow yourself down
to really breathe and enjoy the sunshine.

i had a beautiful story planned for you guys
and then life happened,
my projects today took twice as long as i had hoped,
things really changed..
(in happy and surprising ways, actually!)
so i decided to save the story for you
for next week.

for now, i'd like to share this image with you (above)
it's one i took this week
as part of a little film project i've started.
nothing big, but a new little creative exercise.

it grew out of a realization that's been dawning on me lately.
it's about coming to terms with
living in this small small town.
(after living in austin, houston and especially, los angeles)
you realize that at the end of the day,
you have to make your own fun.
(when did i forget this??!)

so i traipsed into the cemetery next to my house
(it's our little 'park' with huge beautiful trees)
and tried capturing the wind on film.

there were people nearby who i know must've thought
i was a lunatic.
hanging dresses in trees in a cemetery..i can only imagine how it looked!
hilarious now that i think about it.
i was really having fun
and the trees are the only green in town at this moment..
the wind was just catching the fabric so gorgeously..
and i had promised myself to stay focused on the creativity
and not worry what people think.
so there it began.
and now it's a work in progress
and i look forward to showing you more as it develops.

in the meantime,
have a really inspiring and lovely weekend.
what are you going to do???
i'd really love to hear.


  1. What a beautiful photo! Nice post... this is how i feel most of the time. Wind makes me so excited... Have a nice weekend!

  2. You have such great spirit and a wonderful view on things.... which reflects in your amazing photos and artwork.
    I was hoping to get out in the yard and do some planting, but the rain has directed me to plan b....pulling spring clothes out and adding some whimsical touches to my house :). OH, and i am headed to my favorite art gallery to buy a special gift for my mom's 70th birthday.

  3. i have no plans yet for this rainy day but it looks as if i must make my own sunshine. i love this idea Jennifer - so beautiful.

  4. First of all... I have to know if you took a ladder along to hang the dress up sooo high in the tree!?!! HeeHee! It really is inspiring to read all your beautiful posts and especially on such a dreary rainy WINDY day here in Texas! Must go make some of my own fun now!!!

  5. eeeeeeeeeeeee, you did it ❤

  6. hey, where did you get this idea?

  7. lovely, absolutely lovely - the photo and the post.

    me? this weekend I am creating a ritual ... can I tell you that I am really excited about it, too?!?

  8. oh Jennifer, your photo is just lovely! and I do enjoy the way ou tell a story. thank you so much for sharing all of your loveliness with the rest of us!