Wednesday, March 18, 2009

flowers and friends

i woke up this morning smiling.
nevermind the cold rain
crazy wind and big dark clouds.
no they didn't bother me or make me want to go back to sleep.
(i actually really do love rain)

it's just that i woke up 
with my head full with visions 
of all the things i'm plotting
and the adventures i'm planning
in the coming months
now that spring is almost here!

oh yes.
so many plans.
and the first thing i'm going to do
is put on a yellow linen sundress the color of sunshine
(just exactly like this one
and the kerchief too, believe me)
i'm going to pack a big basket full of food and books 
(and cameras)

and head out
for a picnic.

for this first little adventure,
i'm not thinking of the kind with lots of people and croquet and horse-shoes..
(those will come later..definitely)

i'm thinking of the sweet slow lazy sort

the kind with just a few friends
(such as my lovelies featured today..)
the kind where we don't really know where we're going
where we just go out and find 
the biggest field of wildflowers..

and wade out to the very middle..

spread out a big big blanket..

pull out our supplies 
(the most important things first, of course)..

and just sit.
watch butterflies.

let the warm breeze blow
and let spring work its magic.

that's what i'm going to do.

what have you got planned..
would you like to come along too?


*i have to say thank you so much to everyone who visited my new blog on monday!*
so many sweet and encouraging comments were left
and i am still smiling from it all!

this new adventure is really exciting and i hope to see you
again and again over the next weeks and months (and years!)
friday i'll be celebrating the first day of spring
with sneak peeks of *palomas* coming to my bead shop.
see you then!


  1. gorgeous selections and a very happy thought for today

  2. Lovely post, Miss Jenn! And so amazing that you found the perfect images to illustrate your story! Well, knowing you, maybe not so amazing :~)

  3. Sooo charming... and beautifully said! I can see everything clearly! Love the big blanket! xoxox

  4. yep LOVE these shots. all so wonderful and can i borrow your yellow dress then? or maybe come to your party? lol xo k

  5. mmmm, soundtrack and visuals for a perfect daydream...
    i'll don a lovely sundress, bring the scones and a magical teapot!

    i am so looking forward to visiting this post regularly, so far i have 2 days in a row of warm to my toes smiles and inspiration
    many thanks for sharing your spirit

  6. I am excited for this blog, I think it will be great and make my eyes happy. :) Following you, and may mention you on my blog as well. Weee!

  7. aw jennifer, i can't wait for you to live in portland so we can actually do this! lovely post :)

  8. Sounds like a hoot, my love! I'll bring some dip. And pickles!

  9. How happy I was, to show that you have post a new message. When I see your blog, I think that spring is really come back. I hope you will post on Friday because in France the weather will turn bad. No warm more, and at least no sun more. So I hope your blog will be my little sunshine every day with beautiful picture and sweets words.

  10. MORE gorgeous photos! Funny, the first image of the flower made me think of cupcakes, only to scroll down and see an actual image of cupcakes :) We had sunny skies and 60 degrees in Portland today!

  11. Despite residing in a country wherein the only seasons we have are hot and dry, and hot and wet, I can feel Spring through your snapshots, hun.

    xo Sheela xo

  12. your blog is delicious! I have made you a favorite so I can look at your lovlies everyday!

    Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  13. beautiful post and i love sarah seven :)

  14. this post is so beautiful...I am beyond honored to be a part of it...thanks girly...xo t