Friday, September 18, 2009

coco avant chanel

i love that this week has turned into an accidental tribute to france!
(not a bad way to spend a week, i'd say)
and what a better way to end it
than to talk about something completely and undeniably french..

an upcoming film
that explores the beautifully artistic
and gloriously indomitable spirit
of the quintessential french fashion icon

.coco chanel.
it's release date
is one week from today here in the states
(friday september 25..yes my calender is marked in red!)

the exciting part,
other than it starring the gorgeously easy to watch
audrey tatou

is that it follows coco's life before she was chanel
before the fame and fortune..
she had such an interesting life.
i never knew she was an orphan, or that she tried to become a singer..
oop. stop me before i reveal too much.
(i'm one of those..i research everything feverishly when i find something i love)

her unique vision and strong spirit are incredibly inspiring
and really,
whether you go in knowing her beautiful story or not,
the movie is going to be one poetic frame after another.
...french countryside, early 1900s, paris,
the clothes, the colors, the sets...

a true feast for the eyes.

so in the meantime,
i hope you have a wonderful weekend
full of inspiration.
we're going to lake picking has begun in ny state!
what are you going to do?
i'd love to hear

*all photos via imdb


  1. you're making me want to go pick apples. and yes, this is on my 'to see' list. happy weekend!

  2. Hmmm, I wonder if I would have to buy a ticket for Coco's namesake? As Jen knows, I named my mannequin Coco, in honor of Mlle. Chanel :~)

  3. It's a weekend of bead teaching others. And the continuation of the planning of my glass studio! Yes, I'm opening a glass studio!! The goal is taking a space by February and opening by March...

  4. Your beautiful post really gets me excited about seeing the movie... didn't realize she wanted to be a singer... kind of remember her being an orphan. What a charismatic person she was! Now off for a long walk on a beautiful early Fall day and then to exercise at my gym...wish I was going to be picking apples in upstate NY though!!! :D

  5. Hi,
    I was going to post about this too. But not now, I like yours. ;)
    I am looking forward to seeing it. I will even go to the movie theatre to see it. I loath the "new" theatres. Sooo unfortunate that the old ones are all gone now. Replaced, like the sweet, little downtown shoppes with box stores! (rant! rant!) Though here in the oldest city in North America I feel an upsurge in small shop loyalty. Common across the world I hope.
    Let me know what you think of the movie!

  6. I'm hoping it comes here~finally a movie I want to see (next month has a few good ones coming out). So happy to see Audrey in what hopefully will be an insightful look into Coco's life:)

  7. I am so excited to see this film! Thanks for posting some great stills from it.

  8. I wear coco Chanel this very moment (perfume not clothes....sigh...)I love Audrey Tautou! I love everything French! in fact...I am French...
    A bientôt!