Monday, September 14, 2009

memories of eating truffles in paris..

we stepped out of the chocolaterie
onto the cobblestone street
just below montmartre
just as the rain started falling

laughing and looking up to see the dark clouds
old iron work from the old metro
curved and gorgeous
caught my eye
between trees hanging low with drops of rain

windows boxes filled with soft flowers
just beyond
and stone walls filled with time
smiled down at me with their stories
of life and love

maybe it's because it's been almost 4 years to the day
that i was last in paris
(much too long if you ask me..)
..or maybe it's because i have a serious case of wanderlust
lately i've been dreaming remembering and fantasizing
about paris (a lot)
have been making jewelry and plotting photographs
inspired by these *dreams*

it's just an indulgence i happily allow myself..
going there in your mind (and heart)
is *almost* as good as being there..
n'est-ce pas?

***one of the little creations inspired by memories of beautiful old
historic dreamy paris

hope you have a happy and inspiring monday!


  1. delectable earrings
    other-worldy photography
    smashing as always dear

  2. You are a truly talented artist! Your work is phenomenal, and these earrings are absolutely breathtaking!
    Cindy :)

  3. Exquisite, sans doute. I am in Paris with you in spirit :~)

  4. beautiful - the drops remind me of perfect pomegranate seeds. your work is just gorgeous

  5. I agree with the comments above~absolutely exquisite and the story that acompanies it just guides our imagination to a wonderful place:)

    Hope you are feeling a little bit better~

  6. Such a gorgeous and awe inspiring trip back to Paris... perfectly said and pictured! xoxox

  7. thank you for the feedback guys!
    these are a little bit of a new direction for me,
    so it's nice to hear what you think.

    it's getting a little easier each day..
    thank you.