Wednesday, September 30, 2009

butterflies gathered around..

when i first saw this painting
i have to admit to you
that it brought tears to my eyes
with it's beauty
and it's hope..

my emotions are often stirred though, with amanda blake's work.
she creates a seemingly endless stream of vignettes and stories

often visiting the characters over and again
so over time we get to know them
and wonder about them

and love them.

rich in color and depth
they have the power to simultaneously
make you feel calm and still spark the imagination
lead you into a dream
or take you on a journey for a moment
(a journey that is sometimes surprising but somehow always seems familar..)

this one though...with the angel butterflies..
i just want to climb in to
and stay for a while.
i think we could all use butterflies surrounding us
don't you?

enjoy more of her incredible paintings here, here and here.

happy wednesday.

*ps. tomorrow (thursday) my photo store is being featured on one of my favorite blogs
where they're giving away two of my prints!
more info and a link tomorrow..


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - gorgeousness - exactly my kind of whimsy. It remembers me of Cooper Eden's book "the night rainbow"

  2. i don't know cooper eden's work, char..i'm going to go look the book up now..xo

  3. oh! so incredibly magical!! i'm saving up my pennies! The gather at the beach piece pulls at my heart! thank you for sharing!! xoxo