Monday, August 17, 2009

joi de vivre

have you seen it yet?
you must you must you must.
i'm telling you.
you must.

within the first minute
i was dreaming of living in paris
(even more vividly than usual)

and by the fifth minute into the film
i was starving
(despite the fact that we had just stuffed our faces
at the farmer's market 30 minutes earlier)
..oh those endless images of melting butter and bruscetta and souffles ..
(i didn't find any stills of those online..just trust me)

and about an hour in
i had made up my mind to turn my wish list on ebay
(for the entire le creuset set of pots and pans)
into a fedex delivery to my kitchen

gather a good girlfriend or two
come armed with loads of snacks
(maybe sneak in a basket filled with french bread and cheese and wine..
i'm going to do just that next time i see it..oh and i will see it again soon)
and get ready to smile
and laugh (outloud)
and cry a little bit
and laugh some more
and simply become filled with julia's contagious joi de vivre.
(meryl streep absolutely channelled her)

if i had to sum up julie & julia in just a few words,
i'd say exactly what my new sweet friend beth said after it was over..
'that was just lovely'.
it really was.

happy monday
and bon appetit!

ps. and if you become as obsessed with julia and her food and life as i did
(i think you will)
you'll love this website


  1. yes, I've seen it and it is ever so lovely. ever.

    i want to see it again.

  2. Thank you ever so much for the reminder and tips. I shall don my apron and whip up some culinary tidbits and whisk them off to the theatre, meet up with friends (who will bring the wine and glasses, of course).
    I am a total foodie, so this is right up my alley. I brought Turkish Delight to snack on at the Narnia flicks, guess what I brought to Chocolat...., love making the recipes from Like Water for Chocolat...

  3. i felt the same way! i couldn't help myself and posted about it too! i want to see it over and over! xoxoxo

  4. agreed! it's amazing. i started giggling in the first few minutes and kept that teary-eyed giggle all the way through. so affirming on so many levels. delightful. (so glad you loved it too, i left the theater wanting everyone to love this movie!) xo, k.

  5. I saw it last week with my mum and we just loved it! Thanks for putting together the clips and a bit of the storyline here ~ it looks really lovely.

  6. I can't wait to see this film and you made me want to get in the car and drive to Cheyenne RIGHT now. Or better yet fly to SC to go see it with my mom :)

  7. oh yay!
    i wish we could all pick a spot somewhere in the middle of the u.s. and see it together!

  8. I am dying to see it...even more so now...xo t

  9. I love Julia Child! I was watching an episode of Baking with Julia on PBS the other night. She makes everything look so easy... and makes me hungry! I can't wait to see Julie and Julia. I will be sure to have food with me when I go :-)

  10. I saw this movie and loved it - only Meryl could capture Julia's soul on screen - my parent's still watch Julia Child's original series on PBS it's a hoot to watch with them.

    If only we could get French butter here in the US it makes everything taste wonderful. Loved your blog xo Julie