Friday, August 7, 2009

happy friday kids!

there have been
lots of parties and gatherings this summer
and they have me thinking of themes for one that i'd like to throw
(besides my 'game day' for which i am gathering the likes of
bocce ball, badminton and croquet..but more about that another time..)

something old fashioned..retro..with vintage hats..
maybe with piles of them at the front door
for guests to choose from..

with good old fashioned refreshments..
singapore slings, gin fizzes, mint julips,
(and maybe a few shirley temples)
out in the garden


under strings of paper lanterns

with lots of ella and louie playing

which hat would you pick to wear?

it's summertime
it's friday
here's to doing something festive..

and wishing you a happy happy weekend!


  1. oooooh! i would totally rock this hat! it's so pretty & romantic!

    & wait, do you own all of these hats?! hi, my name is jenn & i'm jealous. =P

    happy weekend to you!

  2. I love the Mr. John one from caloohcallay, but I also like the red and white one from littlegrensquirrel. I tend to look more fetching in a chapeau with a brim :~) But then, as you can imagine, I have a collection of vintage hats, myself :~)

  3. jenn~oh i so wish these were part of my (small) collection!
    maybe (hopefully) one or two of them will be someday...

    pink trees~ i can only imagine how beautiful your collection is..can't wait to see it!