Wednesday, August 26, 2009

yellow whispers

with a light gray rain falling today
there's a gentle first hint of fall in the air

a certain stillness hangs lightly
as the days get a little shorter
and all of the green loosens its hold
slipping into whispers of yellows and reds

i love this quiet time just before the explosion of fall color
there's a certain dreaminess
as summer drifts into memory



  1. Last night was the first night I felt fall at my side. There was a clean crisp feeling that I love and cardigans were born for.
    Lovely imagery of the green sliding off the leaves...

  2. fall is coming, no doubt. it is my favorite time of the would think that spring would be (though it's a close second).

    beautiful thoughts.

  3. Ah. Like a breath of fresh air. Lovely post.

  4. Such a wonderful time of year... with exciting expectations... and thoughts of FOOTBALL season!! :D

  5. I like that's one you want to click on again and instantly brings back memories of a certain place and time (back when I lived in the Bay Area)