Thursday, October 8, 2009

cool weather and cozy plans

so the weather here is gorgeous!
i don't think it could be more perfect..
the air is cool and crisp
some sun some rain
lots of wind
that swirling playful wind
you know that special autumn wind
that smells of change
that picks up leaves and carries them as if celebrating many reds browns and yellows dancing
and singing

it's absolutely perfect scarf weather
sweet woolen hat weather
boots and sweaters
and cozy thoughts of visiting friends at pubs
sharing laughs and a nice dark beer
(or hot chocolate..)
and some cozy wonderful music

i would so love to be at my favorite pub
with favorite friends
seeing these guys playing.
how cozy..
(i think cozy is my favorite word when it gets cold out..)
doesn't that piano sound like rain and leaves falling?
and her hat and dress..
and her lovely voice and sensitively thoughtful
and playful words.

what are you planning for this gorgeous fall?

*ps. thank you to everyone who participated in my photography giveaway at 'kind over matter' this past week!
the winners have been announced at congratulations!
oh, and i had such a great (and giddy) time reading through everyone's comments...
the world is filled with so many sweet people!
(((big smile)))


  1. I love her...cozy is a good fallish/wintery word

  2. They are just wonderful... especially love the "drummer" and of course Lisa! What a fun pub that would be to spend a lazy autumn afternoon in. xoxox

  3. I'll never go on a vacation again! I missed the giveaway!
    Love your words. They make me feel cozy! ;)

  4. agreed. i absolutely love the fall, it makes me so dreamy and inspired all at once.

  5. i've been playing this video non stop. is she not the most adorable person on the planet? drat! i can't believe i missed the giveaway.

  6. I'm planning on snuggling in with my favorite person in the world and making lotsa yummy soup!

  7. Thank You Thank You Thank You Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your postings are a lasting joy. I keep coming back to this one in particular, it gives me such a warm, smiling to my toes cozy feeling.

  8. Hope you are doing well Jennifer:)

  9. Jennifer I LOVE your jewelry. Everything is so special and intricate and beautiful! My husband often buys me artist-designed jewelry from Houston stores High Gloss and Sloan Hall.

    Your stuff would sell great! Have you been?

    So excited, I'm putting a bug in his ear for my next gift...what's the next holiday? Easter earrings?