Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a postcard from the heart of summer..

dear friends,

wishing you sweet sounds of ukuleles
warm sand
cool breezes
friends' laughter
and long long long relaxing
rambling summer days

much love from
your wandering sundrenched oh so relaxed
and soon to return friend,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

cool weather and cozy plans

so the weather here is gorgeous!
i don't think it could be more perfect..
the air is cool and crisp
some sun some rain
lots of wind
that swirling playful wind
you know that special autumn wind
that smells of change
that picks up leaves and carries them as if celebrating
..so many reds browns and yellows dancing
and singing

it's absolutely perfect scarf weather
sweet woolen hat weather
boots and sweaters
and cozy thoughts of visiting friends at pubs
sharing laughs and a nice dark beer
(or hot chocolate..)
and some cozy wonderful music

i would so love to be at my favorite pub
with favorite friends
seeing these guys playing.
how cozy..
(i think cozy is my favorite word when it gets cold out..)
doesn't that piano sound like rain and leaves falling?
and her hat and dress..
and her lovely voice and sensitively thoughtful
and playful words.

what are you planning for this gorgeous fall?

*ps. thank you to everyone who participated in my photography giveaway at 'kind over matter' this past week!
the winners have been announced at kom..so congratulations!
oh, and i had such a great (and giddy) time reading through everyone's comments...
the world is filled with so many sweet people!
(((big smile)))

Thursday, October 1, 2009

feeling lucky?

the gorgeously inspiring and oh so generous ladies
over at
(one of my daily haunts..and all time favorite inspirational blogs..)
are hosting a giveaway of my work!

from now until october 7th
head on over
for your chance to win one of my photographs
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..from anything at all..
in my photo shop or even from my flickr

i can't wait to see what everyone picks..
..and to see who wins..

it might even by you!
good luck!

*head on over now, so you don't forget!

*and thank you sweet jenn and amanda
you are two extremely amazing ladies!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

butterflies gathered around..

when i first saw this painting
i have to admit to you
that it brought tears to my eyes
with it's beauty
and it's hope..

my emotions are often stirred though, with amanda blake's work.
she creates a seemingly endless stream of vignettes and stories

often visiting the characters over and again
so over time we get to know them
and wonder about them

and love them.

rich in color and depth
they have the power to simultaneously
make you feel calm and still spark the imagination
lead you into a dream
or take you on a journey for a moment
(a journey that is sometimes surprising but somehow always seems familar..)

this one though...with the angel butterflies..
i just want to climb in to
and stay for a while.
i think we could all use butterflies surrounding us
don't you?

enjoy more of her incredible paintings here, here and here.

happy wednesday.

*ps. tomorrow (thursday) my photo store is being featured on one of my favorite blogs
where they're giving away two of my prints!
more info and a link tomorrow..

Friday, September 25, 2009

i really do

how perfectly sweet is this image?
and how lovely it feels to read (or hear!) this sentiment
a sweet and simple thought..
but with deep and happy effects.

looking at this makes me smile from the inside out.
take a second to stare at it
does it do the same for you?

i hope so
and i hope you have a refreshing weekend
full of even
more smiles too.

see you next week
with sneak peeks of....
(there's a whole flock of em coming to my shop in early october)

*you can find more fresh playful work from alyssa here and here